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Life Insurance Policy Calculator

Life Insurance Policy Calculator

This calculator is for illustration purposes only and the amounts illustrated in the results section cannot be accepted for the final policy result. Please note that there are many factors that should be considered like age, health, and location when we factor final results for single premium fees.

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As you pay down your mortgage, as your kids become adults—you may not need as much coverage. Adjust your policy by “Survival Policy Restructure” or keep it the same. The choice is yours.

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$12+ Billion coverage available for individuals and institutions.

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Survival Policy Restructure gives you the power to change your coverage
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Survival Policy Restructure?

Survival Policy Restructure is a tool that lets you adjust your coverage, up or down, after policy term and survival benefit payout. People say they love how, the restructure can match their current needs. Use it after policy term or not at all, it’s entirely up to you.

The upside of “Survival Policy Restructure”

  • Your single premium payment lowers as existing customer, which could lead to substantial savings over time
  • You don’t pay for more coverage than you actually need
  • It’s fast and easy to do

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